Financial Strength Builder Plus



In preparing for an international missionary trip, I was in need of a prescription for malaria tablets. These tablets were available at a clinic in the town where I was at, but their fee was over $100 US. An appointment with a primary care physician was not available for 3 ½ weeks, so I decided to give Telehealth a try. Literally, within 30 seconds of my request for a no cost consult, my cell phone rang and it was the doctor! I was so thrilled. I explained what I needed, provided the pharmacy information to the doctor and my prescription was transmitted within the hour. The doctor even wished me well on my missionary trip! This was so efficient and much cheaper than an office copay with a PCP! This is the way to go!


The best thing ever was the way it changed my life. My spending habits changed and was able to start saving. I was able to buy my dream car and was able to save enough to take my first real vacation which coincidentally will be the day after Thanksgiving, as I will be going to the Dominican Republic for a week!
–Doreen B.

When I first joined, I thought that I could use someone to help me get better with my finances and actually start saving money. I always had a place in my budget for “savings”, but at the end of each pay period my savings would be back to “0” or close to it. I thought that maybe I could get tips and tricks on how to save money, how to think better and save money. I got more than I ever bargained for. I’ve been able to save money and keep it in my savings account and now have a ice base to build off of. The program helped me look at money in a different way. Life is now much simpler
–Alexander G.

Financial Strength Builder has helped me tremendously. I’ve been able to save about $250 per month by using this system. It really helps me because my boyfriend is currently in law school and I am the sole source of income. Not only has it helped me find extra money, but also given more more savings tips I would have never thought of. I thank Financial Strength Builder for helping me build a better financial future.
— Samantha T.

I started a savings account. Little by little the account began to grow and once it was at $5,000 I was hooked. I wanted to save more to see if I could get it to $8,000. Well, I have capped out at $9,500 and it just feels nice to take my daughter and girlfriend out on the weekends and have a nice lunch and do something without thinking too much about the cost.
–Erik J.

At the age of 47 I was laid off from my job and finally forced to look at the reality of my financial situation. We had credit card debt of $40,000, a mortgage, two car payments and no savings. Debt collectors were calling and the interest on my debt was increasing. The Financial Strength Builder program helped me systematically reduce my debt and build a workable budget for the first time. We finally knew where our money was going. As a result of this program, we have successfully knocked off over $20,000 in debt. We are now beginning to accomplish some of our important goals such as giving to the church. This program has changed our lives.
— Victor S.

Before getting the Financial Strength Builder program I was naive about money and personal finance. After working with this program for only a month I began gain a better understanding about how I was creating so many financial problems in my life. I can’t thank the creators of this program enough as it has changed my life for the better.

–Jon K.